The Summer of 2017

I’m currently sat in the teachers’ office while the students practice for their sports festival in the rain and in 29ºC heat. The cicadas are blaring out their last annoying song as Japan slowly cools down, but not to the point of switching off the air-conditioning. Saying that, one of my schools has chosen to do so, incredibly. Meanwhile in Hiroshima, the shops have their Halloween displays up as usual, and the fashion outlets are pushing their “Fall Collections”. Mind you, it still feels like summer to me.

Anyway, last year I was complaining about “Summer Holiday Blues” even though I did a lot more than the average Japanese teacher. This year the days flew past far too quickly, probably because I was quite busy…….

  • Got a new camera lens from my girlfriend
  • Went to the beach. And got stuck in a 4 hour traffic jam.
  • Travelled back to the UK
  • Went hiking around the Yorkshire Dales
  • Wandered around York with my girlfriend
  • Watched Manchester United thrash West Ham United
  • Travelled to London for two days
  • Met my friends in Nottingham
  • Watched Huddersfield Town beat Newcastle United
  • And had plenty of ice cream

After two years, it was really nice to go back and see the family. I was able to sleep in proper beds with real mattresses. I could walk outside without worrying about getting overly sweaty. I watched football and cricket on TV practically everyday. I could physically lie in the bath tub. As you can imagine, my diet fell to pieces as soon as I landed on British soil. Mother’s cooking and British cuisine were heavily to blame. Fish and chips, roast dinners, apple crumble and fruit scones, all just as delicious as I  remember. But those weeks flew past, leaving a jet lagged and slightly chubbier Yorkshireman to return back to Japan. Back to normal life I’m afraid. Hurry up Autumn ! 

Author: lostcynicinjapan

A twenty-five year old, British male living in Hiroshima, Japan. I'm an ALT who works in a number of junior high schools. I like to criticise about random things and I like to take photographs.

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