The Summer of 2017

I’m currently sat in the teachers’ office while the students practice for their sports festival in the rain and in 29ºC heat. The cicadas are blaring out their last annoying song as Japan slowly cools down, but not to the point of switching off the air-conditioning. Saying that, one of my schools has chosen to do so, incredibly. Meanwhile in Hiroshima, the shops have their Halloween displays up as usual, and the fashion outlets are pushing their “Fall Collections”. Mind you, it still feels like summer to me. Continue reading “The Summer of 2017”

Baking Mince Pies in Japan

I’ve already explained my fondness for Christmas Mince Pies, and its seems that I’ve unfortunately inflicted my girlfriend and her family with this seasonal, baked addiction. My wonderful mother has been sending M&S pies in her care packages, but they’ve always been gobbled up in a couple of days. And it seems that Christmas Stollen has stolen

Continue reading “Baking Mince Pies in Japan”