And the award goes to…..

During the graduation ceremony at one of my schools, the principal handed out student awards ranging from “Highest Attendance” to “Best Group Leader”. As we clapped and cheered, I started to reminisce about my academic days. And that’s when “it” reared it’s ugly head again. I left primary school with a bitterness that still inanely lingers some sixteen years on; I never won the school’s “Music Award” during my six years there. Continue reading “And the award goes to…..”

Now Playing: Protomartyr

My music taste has been heavily influenced by that of my father’s. From Led Zeppelin to Miles Davis, I’ve been lucky enough to have been brought up in a family with “musical taste”. But it’s the “post-punk” scene that has been something of a passion of mine. Everyone from Joy Division to Mission of Burma, I’ve listened to countless albums and bands from the multitude of post-punk’s “sub-genres”, both new and old. Continue reading “Now Playing: Protomartyr”